The Best Ways of Underpinning and Repairing Foundations in Etobicoke

What is Underpinning?

Underpinning refers to the method of repairing faults in the foundation of a structure and also to increase the depth of the foundation. You may need underpinning when cracks which are more than ¼ inch in width appear on the foundation, or when diagonal cracks are visible. Moreover, you may also need to underpin the foundation if you need to put up new stories to the existing building. A damaged foundation should be immediately repaired with the underpinning method.

Different Methods of Foundation Underpinning

• The commonest method used for foundation underpinning Etobicoke is by pouring concrete into pits dug at a particular depth. This method is used to fill up the entire part of the foundation that is affected by systematic excavation and filling up.

• You may also go for underpinning by the use of screw piles and brackets. This method is used where you cannot use the method of mass pouring. Screw piling is used the excavation of the foundation has to be done to a great depth. You will need a two – member crew who can install the screw piles and brackets at pre – specified points. Screw piles have the ability to work in compression and tension, can resist wind forces, shear pressure and vibrations.

• Foundation underpinning can also be done with the help of pile and beam. It is also preferred for alleviating the footing of the foundation. In this method you need to put up min – pile on both the sides of the wall that has been damaged. The brickwork is then removed from underneath the wall and then the piles are connected for supporting the wall by the use of reinforced concrete needle beams. Lower is the distance between the needle beams, more is the capacity to hold very high loads

• Underpinning may also be done using piled raft when an entire structure needs to be underpinned. It is mainly used in cases when the soil is extremely resistant for small equipments to excavate, or the foundations are too deep. Here, needle beams are erected to withstand the load of the wall. A ring beam is also constructed to connect all needle beams, and finally concrete is poured into the structure.

Some Tips For Foundation Underpinning

You require to obtain the help of a structural engineer for the best outcome of the foundation underpinning Etobicoke. Some tips for successful underpinning include:

      Underpinning is best started from the corners and then continued inwards.
      Underpinning should be done underneath those walls that bear load
      Underpinning should not be done below walls which do not bear load.

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  2. My husband informed me last week that he found a crack in our foundation that he is pretty worried about. I told him I would do some research to see what we can do about it, so I appreciate this information. I had no idea that underpinning is a method of repairing these faults, as well as a way to increase the depth of the foundation. It sounds like this could be a solution for us so I’ll continue looking into it!

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