Basement Lowering

Basement Lowering

Most basements of older homes constructed before the 1940s are not high enough to walk around comfortably. In many of these century homes the basement was used as utility spaces where items like the furnace and breaker panel were stored.

With engineering and modern construction and waterproofing technologies it is possible to convert these basement storage spaces into livable space by lowering the basement floor and waterproofing the foundation. As a result, you can enjoy the many benefits of lowering your basement, like higher property value, increased square footage, improved air flow in the house, improved air quality, no more damp smell in the basement etc.

We use only the highest quality products for all of our repair work. Using these products along with our professional repair methods allows us to give your home the stability and protection it needs.

ICY Reno Waterproofing – our main goal is a well-done job.

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