A committed team of drain experts at ICY Reno Waterproofing  has years of practice in installing, repairing, renewing, and unblocking different sorts of

drain as well as drain systems. No matter if it is about a clogged-up basement drain or setting up an entire new

drain system in your property, our specialists perform the job with similar level of professionalism & competency.

Apart from this, our well-skilled team comes with expertise in using concrete, clay, and plastic drain systems. Additionally, deep drainage for ground drains

 is, of course, a part of our proficiency, in conjunction with rain water drains as well as rain water storage systems.

Here Are A Few Of The Most Familiar Drain Plumbing Difficulties We See Today:


  • Clogged drains as well as sewers
  • Blocked sinks, showers, and tubs
  • Basement drain maintenance & replacements
  • Low water pressure and leaky pipes
  • Mineral build-up
  • Hair, dirt, and tree roots


ICY Reno Waterproofing team also provides service with the backflow preventer installation.

ICY Reno Waterproofing – our main goal is a well-done job.